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Shellfish gathering

The intertidal zone is an extensive territory that is covered and uncovered in the course of the tides and often appears like a desert landscape to us visitors. But upon inspecting it more closely one can make out inconspicuous marks and traces on the sand’s surface, indications of the presence of a multitude of shellfish buried in the sand and mud. They form a food supply for a lot of predators, especially birds. Thus every Breton winter offers favourable climatic conditions and more than 40,000 birds profit from this natural pantry.

But this community of living things is sensitive.

So there are some simple rules that need to be observed:


  • Observe the fishing areas.
  • Observe the dates.
  • Observe the sizes.




Cockle gathering


recreational fishing is allowed only in designated areas A and B :



Enquiries can be made at Maritime Affairs (tel.: 02 96 68 30 70), at the local fishing committee (tel.: 02 96 70 92 59) or at the nature reserve (tel.: 02 96 32 31 40).

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